Messages from the Soul

We like to look outside ourselves for the answers we seek, and sometimes even for the questions.

We believe that we are SEPARATE from everyone and everything, and so we believe that someone else might have the answer…if we just look hard enough for the right teacher, the right degree, the right partner, the right WAY.

But it doesn’t matter how long you look, it doesn’t matter how many other-people’s messages you try on for yourself. None of them will fit until you try the one that’s within YOU.

Why is this? Because we are NOT actually all separate… We are each part of a much greater whole. And because we are each just one facet of this gigantic prism, we each have a unique role to play. We each have a different difference to make in the world, and they are interdependent – without your piece, my piece may be meaningless.

So, the answers you seek do not live outside of you, they are already part of you. You have been growing towards these answers your whole life. If you LISTEN, you will find your fullest EXPRESSION.

Begin to listen for what is present for you inside –  the things you already KNOW but just don’t BELIEVE.

It’s not easy to believe there is nothing more to do than be what we are!

It’s not easy to imagine that the things we most harshly judge about ourselves are actually important pieces in the puzzle of happiness.

It’s not easy to listen to our intuition, or to take action on our greatest fears.

But it is SIMPLE: You already ARE exactly who you need to BE.

Without changing anything about who you are or what you do, consider the fact that you already are exactly what you need to be to achieve the level of self-expression, freedom, and JOY that you seek.

Hold that as a real possibility during moments of doubt, during moments of fear, during the moments of anger and dissatisfaction that rock your confidence.

Hold this question, this possibility as real, and then listen to the sensations in your body in response. I believe answers will begin to arrive for you, as they are for me.

I just keep doing this over and over and over and over again…

It really is that simple.

But it is not easy, and that is why we need SUPPORT. That’s why I am having this conversation with you! By translating my inner experience into WORDS, which are then RECEIVED by you and translated into YOUR inner experience, we are creating momentum toward synergy,

Toward growth,

Toward evolution,


What I believe is equally as important as what you believe, but only if we both SPEAK what we believe.

No, we’re not always going to agree. You’re not always going to think the things I say makes sense. And you’re going to have thoughts and feelings and expressions that are different than mine, which are equally as important to be expressed.

Just don’t keep them inside.

STAND UP and be part of the conversation.

CREATE the community of support you need for your own expression,

ALLOW for the communities of support for other people‘s expressions.

There’s no way that advancement and evolution are going to happen without our CAPACITY to support one another as completely UNIQUE and VALUABLE facets of a larger whole.

BALANCE cannot be created without both extremes.

There is no CENTER without the extremes.

Without DARK there is no LIGHT.

My own role on Earth (this time around, anyway) is to be LIGHT. But if I don’t EXPRESS my light into the darkness, I’m not playing my role. And if there IS no DARK into which I can EXPRESS my light, then I can’t play my role.

We all need each other, and we need to NOT STOP expressing.

The moment we stop expressing is the moment we stop evolving.

Both LIGHT and DARK,

And every shade in between.


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