NOW is the Time

I have spent a lot of time WAITING –

Waiting for the RIGHT MOMENT

Waiting to be READY,

Waiting to be GOOD ENOUGH.

And I have learned something that I want you to know, too:

If I wait for the right time, I will be waiting FOREVER.

That’s why ALL time is the right time, ALL moments are THE moment. You may NEVER feel ready, and you are ALWAYS perfect. Right now. Just as you are.

Now, I know how this sounds. I can remember hearing this message at various points in my journey of self-discovery and never…quite…BELIEVING it.

Never quite UNDERSTANDING it, actually.

What do you mean, I’m perfect just as I am?? That can’t be possible…

I didn’t accept it because I knew – or thought I knew, with every fiber of my being – that nothing I did was really valuable or interesting. If it came from me, it was likely not worth pursuing. If I studied it somewhere else, however, and it was a fact “validated” by someone bolder and more celebrated than I, then yes, that would be worth doing or saying out loud.

This was my reality. I believed it so strongly that I didn’t even see it – it was just part of me, the air I breathed, the water I swam in. If it comes from me, it’s probably not worth the bother.

It’s what kept me from using the words SPIRITUAL and SACRED to describe my work;

what kept me from creating,

what closed my mouth to singing,

closed my heart to believing myself an ARTIST.

But I am all these things. I am a spiritual expressionist, born to make the everyday more sacred!

So, what called this limiting core belief to my attention in the end?

It was the birth of my SON…

Who came from ME,

And who is very much,



Over the last 8 years, I have been catapulted into the most extraordinary journey of expression and bold manifestation, starting with learning to stand up for the body and soul of my boy, and circling back (multiple times, and continuously) to standing up for my own body, my own soul, and my own purpose.

I was forced to confront the plain fact that, if I could co-create another human being with a divine core and an innocent body, who was not only worthy but MIRACULOUS…then surely I must also have been equally worthy, right from the start.

And that is the ONE THING that never changes.

You are worthy of love and belonging simply by virtue of being born to this earth,

Every day you live on this earth,

And regardless what you believe happens before and after.

We are not only WORTHY, we are MADE of value.

We are absolute MIRACLES of love and light.

Miracles of love and light do not have to wait around for the right time to express what we have come here to express!

So please, don’t wait.

TAKE that trip you’re afraid to take.

WRITE that book.

DEFEND that wrong.

MAKE that phone call.

KISS that frog.

SPRINKLE that fairy dust.

DO whatever the hell lights your insides on FIRE!!!

That’s the kind of world I want to live in,

Where everyone understands their fundamental purpose and divine (yes, DIVINE!) beauty.

We can build that kind of world TODAY, you know.

Let’s not wait.


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