Messages from the Soul

We like to look outside ourselves for the answers we seek, and sometimes even for the questions.

We believe that we are SEPARATE from everyone and everything, and so we believe that someone else might have the answer…if we just look hard enough for the right teacher, the right degree, the right partner, the right WAY.

But it doesn’t matter how long you look, it doesn’t matter how many other-people’s messages you try on for yourself. None of them will fit until you try the one that’s within YOU.

Why is this? Because we are NOT actually all separate… We are each part of a much greater whole. And because we are each just one facet of this gigantic prism, we each have a unique role to play. We each have a different difference to make in the world, and they are interdependent – without your piece, my piece may be meaningless.

So, the answers you seek do not live outside of you, they are already part of you. You have been growing towards these answers your whole life. If you LISTEN, you will find your fullest EXPRESSION.

Begin to listen for what is present for you inside –  the things you already KNOW but just don’t BELIEVE.

It’s not easy to believe there is nothing more to do than be what we are!

It’s not easy to imagine that the things we most harshly judge about ourselves are actually important pieces in the puzzle of happiness.

It’s not easy to listen to our intuition, or to take action on our greatest fears.

But it is SIMPLE: You already ARE exactly who you need to BE.

Without changing anything about who you are or what you do, consider the fact that you already are exactly what you need to be to achieve the level of self-expression, freedom, and JOY that you seek.

Hold that as a real possibility during moments of doubt, during moments of fear, during the moments of anger and dissatisfaction that rock your confidence.

Hold this question, this possibility as real, and then listen to the sensations in your body in response. I believe answers will begin to arrive for you, as they are for me.

I just keep doing this over and over and over and over again…

It really is that simple.

But it is not easy, and that is why we need SUPPORT. That’s why I am having this conversation with you! By translating my inner experience into WORDS, which are then RECEIVED by you and translated into YOUR inner experience, we are creating momentum toward synergy,

Toward growth,

Toward evolution,


What I believe is equally as important as what you believe, but only if we both SPEAK what we believe.

No, we’re not always going to agree. You’re not always going to think the things I say makes sense. And you’re going to have thoughts and feelings and expressions that are different than mine, which are equally as important to be expressed.

Just don’t keep them inside.

STAND UP and be part of the conversation.

CREATE the community of support you need for your own expression,

ALLOW for the communities of support for other people‘s expressions.

There’s no way that advancement and evolution are going to happen without our CAPACITY to support one another as completely UNIQUE and VALUABLE facets of a larger whole.

BALANCE cannot be created without both extremes.

There is no CENTER without the extremes.

Without DARK there is no LIGHT.

My own role on Earth (this time around, anyway) is to be LIGHT. But if I don’t EXPRESS my light into the darkness, I’m not playing my role. And if there IS no DARK into which I can EXPRESS my light, then I can’t play my role.

We all need each other, and we need to NOT STOP expressing.

The moment we stop expressing is the moment we stop evolving.

Both LIGHT and DARK,

And every shade in between.


NOW is the Time

I have spent a lot of time WAITING –

Waiting for the RIGHT MOMENT

Waiting to be READY,

Waiting to be GOOD ENOUGH.

And I have learned something that I want you to know, too:

If I wait for the right time, I will be waiting FOREVER.

That’s why ALL time is the right time, ALL moments are THE moment. You may NEVER feel ready, and you are ALWAYS perfect. Right now. Just as you are.

Now, I know how this sounds. I can remember hearing this message at various points in my journey of self-discovery and never…quite…BELIEVING it.

Never quite UNDERSTANDING it, actually.

What do you mean, I’m perfect just as I am?? That can’t be possible…

I didn’t accept it because I knew – or thought I knew, with every fiber of my being – that nothing I did was really valuable or interesting. If it came from me, it was likely not worth pursuing. If I studied it somewhere else, however, and it was a fact “validated” by someone bolder and more celebrated than I, then yes, that would be worth doing or saying out loud.

This was my reality. I believed it so strongly that I didn’t even see it – it was just part of me, the air I breathed, the water I swam in. If it comes from me, it’s probably not worth the bother.

It’s what kept me from using the words SPIRITUAL and SACRED to describe my work;

what kept me from creating,

what closed my mouth to singing,

closed my heart to believing myself an ARTIST.

But I am all these things. I am a spiritual expressionist, born to make the everyday more sacred!

So, what called this limiting core belief to my attention in the end?

It was the birth of my SON…

Who came from ME,

And who is very much,



Over the last 8 years, I have been catapulted into the most extraordinary journey of expression and bold manifestation, starting with learning to stand up for the body and soul of my boy, and circling back (multiple times, and continuously) to standing up for my own body, my own soul, and my own purpose.

I was forced to confront the plain fact that, if I could co-create another human being with a divine core and an innocent body, who was not only worthy but MIRACULOUS…then surely I must also have been equally worthy, right from the start.

And that is the ONE THING that never changes.

You are worthy of love and belonging simply by virtue of being born to this earth,

Every day you live on this earth,

And regardless what you believe happens before and after.

We are not only WORTHY, we are MADE of value.

We are absolute MIRACLES of love and light.

Miracles of love and light do not have to wait around for the right time to express what we have come here to express!

So please, don’t wait.

TAKE that trip you’re afraid to take.

WRITE that book.

DEFEND that wrong.

MAKE that phone call.

KISS that frog.

SPRINKLE that fairy dust.

DO whatever the hell lights your insides on FIRE!!!

That’s the kind of world I want to live in,

Where everyone understands their fundamental purpose and divine (yes, DIVINE!) beauty.

We can build that kind of world TODAY, you know.

Let’s not wait.


Don’t Stop Now

Are you feeling it?

As we head into autumn, I can feel the energy of REVIEW gaining momentum, getting ready for the CREATIVE months of winter when CHANGE is incubated. Even the weather seems to comply during September, deciding which temperature it wants to be, trying on all the outfits.

I feel like the weather. Hot and Cool. Wet and Dry. Rich and Poor. Yes and No. Reviewing where I’ve been, and yearning for where I’m going. All the feels.

So… you’ve no doubt noticed that your Sunday Fairy Dust is arriving on Monday… *blush*

That’s a prime example of autumn energy, though. She knows not what day it is, or which activity the child needs to be at what time, or whether she had lunch! LOL

Can you dig??

Recently in my own spiritual practice, I’ve made two commitments:

to follow my INTUITION

and to manage my ENERGY.

The two must be balanced, and they both need lots of S P A C E.

So, I created it. And today I’m offering some of it back to YOU.

Managing my energy has really been about identifying the SMALL WAYS in which I am giving away my POWER without even knowing it, and sealing up those leaks, one seemingly minor thing at a time. Listening to the subtle whispers of “Yes! This!” and “No…this isn’t IT,” from my soul as I evaluate how I use my sacred ENERGY.

Sometimes the ego-mind fears that I’m not making progress. That I will never reach my goals. That it’s impossible to SHIFT and to MANIFEST at the level I am dreaming of. But that’s OK, because it is a SIGNAL to my SOUL, the Higher Mind, that I’m on the right track.






I’m sharing this with YOU, because I want you to know that even small practices and small changes in your life that you’re making – that you believe will lead to a better understanding of yourself, or to bigger work in the world, or to closer relationships with others – even the small steps add up to broad SHIFTS and positive GROWTH.

Don’t stop now.

You’re on the RIGHT path.

You’re doing what needs to be done.

No one ever said that living the CONSCIOUS LIFE was the easy road!

But I can tell you, it is the most REWARDING road.

And it is the road to making the different DIFFERENCE you were born to make.

Whatever it is that you’re struggling to piece together about yourself, or change in your life, know that your instinct to do this is EXACTLY RIGHT.

If you can provide yourself with the emotional S P A C E to HEAR these instincts,

then the next step you take that is in ALIGNMENT with those instincts

is exactly the RIGHT ONE.

This all happens BEYOND our construct of linear time. So, if you feel like it’s taking too long, or this change that you dream of will never happen, know that you are in the arms of DIVINE TIMING. And the closer you LISTEN to those intuitive messages that you’re (always!) receiving, and the more often you RESPOND to them, the closer you’re getting to your DESIRE.

In fact, I would argue that we are living the dream RIGHT NOW, just by having this intention. And that all we have to do is shift our ATTENTION to the energy of how our desire FEELS.

If we can CHOOSE to be in the FEELING of our VISION, the Multiverse in all Her Wisdom will most assuredly send us the knowledge and the steps to take that will MANIFEST that vision.

But, if we fight divine timing and focus our energy on what we are dissatisfied with, then we move ourselves away from the feeling of the dream and separate ourselves from the TRUTH:

We already ARE exactly who we need to BE to make a difference.

The fact that you are reading this message from me right now tells me that YOU are someone who is making a difference in the world, just as you are.

We are supporting one another.

We are hearing one another.

And when I listen to my INTUITION, and SHARE it with you,

I know that your intuition will HEAR it,

and TAKE ACTION to move you one step closer to your dreams.


Activate Your Spirit

If there was ever a good time for a spiritual revolution, it is now.

We are so isolated from one another and from nature that we all believe we are basically on our own in the world. We can see that this is leading to loneliness, dehumanization, and despair, and we are left asking:

“So, is this it? Is this all there is?”

The answer to this question is both yes and no:

YES, this is pretty much it. This planet, this body, and this moment are pretty much what we’ve got to work with. And…

NO, we are not stuck with only one choice as to what to do and how we do it! The possibilities in every moment are literally infinite.

Every single one of us (8 billion people!) is a unique soul born into a unique physical body. We create and inspire different ideas, thoughts, and actions. We each perceive the world in a way that is uniquely ours. And we are born to make the particular difference here that only our unique composition can make.

However, without the existence of the all the other unique beings around us, there would be no context for this individuality.

Human beings thrive in community, because we are born with particular strengths to contribute, and weaknesses for which we can receive support. Without relationship, individuals cannot thrive. And if we are not thriving, we are not making our unique impact.

Spiritual activism is the commitment to THRIVE.

To ACT with the highest intention in all your relationships,

To LIVE with integrity as part of our Universal Whole,

All of us together.

It’s repeating this commitment in every moment, the willingness to live what you BELIEVE —

Not what I believe,

not what your leaders believe,

but what YOU believe.

How you define what this means, and how you express it in your life, is entirely up to you (and only you).

Does this mean you have to go out and picket for social justice or march to free the dolphins or be a spokesperson for every good cause that comes your way? No. (Unless that speaks to you, then yes!). I’m just talking about consistently taking action that feels right with your spirit.

What lights you up? Find a way to do that.

Be aggressive about it. Don’t compromise.

Take actions that scare you a little.

Think your way. Be creative.

You were born to make a different difference, just by living.

And you do NOT have to do it alone.

Spiritual activism is what Fairy Dust is all about – sprinkling a little REAL into your world, and showing you that not only do you already HAVE everything you need to live your fulfilled life, but the rest of us NEED you to live it!

An evolved world of compassionate, trusting, joyful, authentic people depends on ALL of us OWNING our spiritual superpowers and ACTING on them in everything we do.


Make Your Different Difference

This morning on my walk I saw a worm on the road ahead of me. It was an ENORMOUS worm, longest I’ve seen in a while. It had just rained last night, but the sun was out, so I was surprised it was still on the road.

After a few steps closer, however, I recognized it for what it truly was: a twig! A harmless brown twig.

Have you ever had an experience like this, a transmutation of your visual reality based on an imagined reality? This is actually a physical function of your BRAIN, where it references past experiences to define what is unknown in the present moment, to keep you safe from danger. My “worm” was a combination of visual stimuli and MEMORIES that my brain used to CONSTRUCT an explanation of what was in front of me.

The conditions outside of me were similar to ones I had experienced before: it was a warm, muggy morning after a long summer rain, and I was walking on the asphalt along the edge of the road. In the PAST, my eyes have seen many worms coming out to escape the rain absorbing into the ground. So the twig, which was approximately the right size and color to be a long worm, was interpreted immediately as a worm.

If I had not LOOKED more closely, I may have forever gone on BELIEVING that I had seen a gigantic worm! I may never have questioned this reality.

This is the kind of shit our mind does EVERY DAY, with every aspect of our EXPERIENCE, including emotions, sensations, things we see, smell, hear, and even touch. Our brains were designed to scan the environment, identify danger (based on past experience), and take evasive or protective action.

Isn’t it amazingly MIRACULOUS how well this function works? Aren’t our bodies the most EXTRAORDINARY systems??

In addition to this awesome function, we also have a hardwired need for CONNECTION and COMMUNITY, which keeps us safe in groups against the wild life and elemental threats.

So, it stands to reason that one of our first reactions to a PERCEIVED reality would be to corroborate it with others. We look around us for EVIDENCE that other people also AGREE with what we are perceiving. This is why we often feel AFRAID to do something DIFFERENT from what everyone else is doing, even though we know it might be of benefit to us. 

Our primitive brains require us to stay connected to the group, lest we go off and do something crazy that causes us to get eaten by a hyena.

All this is to say, our bodies are amazing pieces of machinery that work every day to keep our cosmic SOUL safe from the unlimited unknown that faces us on Earth. (And that’s something we can be dazzled by and grateful for!)

Also, our realities today are very different from our realities millennia – even centuries – ago. What scares us today is often exactly that which will move us FORWARD, and not get us killed. The guts to stand out from the crowd, for example, is what makes a LEADER, an INNOVATOR, an ARTIST… Yet in our bodies, standing out from the crowd feels VULNERABLE and even threatening.

When I see a twig that looks like a worm, I am reminded of this miraculous machine that is my BODY. And also of the very real fact that I can create my own reality. This is what motivates me to practice, every day, an AWARENESS of the perceptions that are automatically created by my brain. I know that if I can identify a thought or perception in the MOMENT that it occurs, I can consciously CHANGE that thought and therefore get a DIFFERENT outcome.

What I perceive can be up to ME, and not my fears. 

I recognize (and my life is proving!) that this is a JOURNEY and a dedicated PRACTICE. But I know with all my SOUL that this is the way toward human evolution.

The next stage of EVOLUTION for us as humans is to RECONSTRUCT our perception of what is dangerous vs. what is necessary to THRIVE.
More and more people are awakening to this understanding and taking steps to OPEN and ALIGN with their higher WISDOM…
taking steps to live out their own different difference.

You were born to make an impact here that no one else can make. Are you ALIGNED with what you KNOW or what you PERCEIVE?

Do you see the TWIG or the WORM?