Real L.Y.F.E. Meditation – Come practice the RADICAL self-care of BEING, Wednesdays 8-8:30am at MacLaren Transformative Acupuncture in Duxbury, MA. 

closeup photography of stacked stones

Photo by Shiva Smyth

I’m gonna be super controversial here and tell you that meditation is not, in fact, a practice; it is a state of BEING. It just takes practice to get there.

HOW you practice is entirely up to you.

The practice of observing what’s happening inside your body and mind is what eventually leads us to a focused state of BEING. Many life-changing realizations can happen along the way to that state. Most of us never get to enlightenment, but does that mean we shouldn’t do the practice, or that we’ll get nothing out of it?

If you practice the focused witnessing of your inner experience for even 5-10 minutes a day, every day, it will not take long to begin reaping the short term benefits:

  • improved FOCUS and concentration,
  • better SLEEP,
  • more stable MOOD,
  • better RELATIONSHIP skills,
  • natural regulation of HABITS…

And once those things start happening, it’s a whole lot easier to commit to continue practicing.

These benefits are enormously valuable in daily life. We may eventually experience heightened states of presence, like STILLNESS of mind or LIGHTNESS of body.

Or we may not. But in my opinion, it’s irrelevant.

What’s most important is that we spend some time each week or each day to simply SHOW UP for ourselves, with no distraction, and just BE PRESENT.

This act alone is a radical act of self care.