Don’t Stop Now

Are you feeling it?

As we head into autumn, I can feel the energy of REVIEW gaining momentum, getting ready for the CREATIVE months of winter when CHANGE is incubated. Even the weather seems to comply during September, deciding which temperature it wants to be, trying on all the outfits.

I feel like the weather. Hot and Cool. Wet and Dry. Rich and Poor. Yes and No. Reviewing where I’ve been, and yearning for where I’m going. All the feels.

So… you’ve no doubt noticed that your Sunday Fairy Dust is arriving on Monday… *blush*

That’s a prime example of autumn energy, though. She knows not what day it is, or which activity the child needs to be at what time, or whether she had lunch! LOL

Can you dig??

Recently in my own spiritual practice, I’ve made two commitments:

to follow my INTUITION

and to manage my ENERGY.

The two must be balanced, and they both need lots of S P A C E.

So, I created it. And today I’m offering some of it back to YOU.

Managing my energy has really been about identifying the SMALL WAYS in which I am giving away my POWER without even knowing it, and sealing up those leaks, one seemingly minor thing at a time. Listening to the subtle whispers of “Yes! This!” and “No…this isn’t IT,” from my soul as I evaluate how I use my sacred ENERGY.

Sometimes the ego-mind fears that I’m not making progress. That I will never reach my goals. That it’s impossible to SHIFT and to MANIFEST at the level I am dreaming of. But that’s OK, because it is a SIGNAL to my SOUL, the Higher Mind, that I’m on the right track.






I’m sharing this with YOU, because I want you to know that even small practices and small changes in your life that you’re making – that you believe will lead to a better understanding of yourself, or to bigger work in the world, or to closer relationships with others – even the small steps add up to broad SHIFTS and positive GROWTH.

Don’t stop now.

You’re on the RIGHT path.

You’re doing what needs to be done.

No one ever said that living the CONSCIOUS LIFE was the easy road!

But I can tell you, it is the most REWARDING road.

And it is the road to making the different DIFFERENCE you were born to make.

Whatever it is that you’re struggling to piece together about yourself, or change in your life, know that your instinct to do this is EXACTLY RIGHT.

If you can provide yourself with the emotional S P A C E to HEAR these instincts,

then the next step you take that is in ALIGNMENT with those instincts

is exactly the RIGHT ONE.

This all happens BEYOND our construct of linear time. So, if you feel like it’s taking too long, or this change that you dream of will never happen, know that you are in the arms of DIVINE TIMING. And the closer you LISTEN to those intuitive messages that you’re (always!) receiving, and the more often you RESPOND to them, the closer you’re getting to your DESIRE.

In fact, I would argue that we are living the dream RIGHT NOW, just by having this intention. And that all we have to do is shift our ATTENTION to the energy of how our desire FEELS.

If we can CHOOSE to be in the FEELING of our VISION, the Multiverse in all Her Wisdom will most assuredly send us the knowledge and the steps to take that will MANIFEST that vision.

But, if we fight divine timing and focus our energy on what we are dissatisfied with, then we move ourselves away from the feeling of the dream and separate ourselves from the TRUTH:

We already ARE exactly who we need to BE to make a difference.

The fact that you are reading this message from me right now tells me that YOU are someone who is making a difference in the world, just as you are.

We are supporting one another.

We are hearing one another.

And when I listen to my INTUITION, and SHARE it with you,

I know that your intuition will HEAR it,

and TAKE ACTION to move you one step closer to your dreams.


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