Activate Your Spirit

If there was ever a good time for a spiritual revolution, it is now.

We are so isolated from one another and from nature that we all believe we are basically on our own in the world. We can see that this is leading to loneliness, dehumanization, and despair, and we are left asking:

“So, is this it? Is this all there is?”

The answer to this question is both yes and no:

YES, this is pretty much it. This planet, this body, and this moment are pretty much what we’ve got to work with. And…

NO, we are not stuck with only one choice as to what to do and how we do it! The possibilities in every moment are literally infinite.

Every single one of us (8 billion people!) is a unique soul born into a unique physical body. We create and inspire different ideas, thoughts, and actions. We each perceive the world in a way that is uniquely ours. And we are born to make the particular difference here that only our unique composition can make.

However, without the existence of the all the other unique beings around us, there would be no context for this individuality.

Human beings thrive in community, because we are born with particular strengths to contribute, and weaknesses for which we can receive support. Without relationship, individuals cannot thrive. And if we are not thriving, we are not making our unique impact.

Spiritual activism is the commitment to THRIVE.

To ACT with the highest intention in all your relationships,

To LIVE with integrity as part of our Universal Whole,

All of us together.

It’s repeating this commitment in every moment, the willingness to live what you BELIEVE —

Not what I believe,

not what your leaders believe,

but what YOU believe.

How you define what this means, and how you express it in your life, is entirely up to you (and only you).

Does this mean you have to go out and picket for social justice or march to free the dolphins or be a spokesperson for every good cause that comes your way? No. (Unless that speaks to you, then yes!). I’m just talking about consistently taking action that feels right with your spirit.

What lights you up? Find a way to do that.

Be aggressive about it. Don’t compromise.

Take actions that scare you a little.

Think your way. Be creative.

You were born to make a different difference, just by living.

And you do NOT have to do it alone.

Spiritual activism is what Fairy Dust is all about – sprinkling a little REAL into your world, and showing you that not only do you already HAVE everything you need to live your fulfilled life, but the rest of us NEED you to live it!

An evolved world of compassionate, trusting, joyful, authentic people depends on ALL of us OWNING our spiritual superpowers and ACTING on them in everything we do.


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