Fog Light

How will you FEEL when your future is revealed?

Every moment has a radius of awareness. What you are aware of is what you feel and know in your current radius – like your range of vision in a thick fog. If, in your radius of awareness, you star in the leading role of Loser Who Can’t Get Anything Right, you will no doubt expect the fog to lift on a scene that supports your loserdom.

What’s happening in your FUTURE is up to what you feel, think, say, and do RIGHT NOW.

And I don’t mean that you have to “get to work” doing all kinds of tasks to change who you are and how you think, in order to be who you want to be and get what you want to get in the future.

I mean you have to get really REAL and dig into what is happening INSIDE you. Really get familiar with how the people and things and situations around you make you FEEL in your physical body. Ask yourself the hard questions about what you want, what makes you feel good and not so good, what are your fundamental VALUES and TRUTHS, what is the ESSENCE of YOU?

I don’t usually take a “tough love” tack, but I can tell you that when I start feeling down about myself and my circumstances, it’s helpful to be assertive with my inner inquiry. To actively turn inward and NOTICE the choices I’m making that are leading me to NOT feel the way I DREAM of feeling.

This requires that I know two fundamental things:

  1. How I feel right now (really and honestly, and with full experience); and
  2. How I dream of feeling (again, really honestly, no holds barred. I have to let myself FEEL it.)

That’s the place to start. Be aggressive in understanding your SELF, inside and out. Then look around you and begin to identify what is NOT in ALIGNMENT with that self – one thing at a time.

Each time I do something that is in alignment with my dreams,
I FEEL it.
I desire for MORE.

Each time I do something that doesn’t quite feel right, or that feels obligatory, heavy, whatever, I FORGIVE it.
I let it go.

Forgive yourself any time you notice you’ve made choices that do not serve your highest self. After all, you are only human, and it will not stop happening. Forgiveness clears the way for POSSIBILITY and LOVE. There’s no sense in continuously lamenting over moments that have passed, because then you are taking the PAIN of that lament with you into the future. You’re shaping what is behind the fog.

We can’t truly see clearly what’s beyond us, or even behind us.
We can only see what’s RIGHT NOW.
Right now is when we have the CHOICE to come into alignment.
And again right now.
And right now.
And right now….

LISTEN. Listen for what is calling you.
RESPOND. Make a choice based on what is in line with what you hear.
LET GO. Release your judgment, release your need to clutch and grasp for the answers, and
TRUST in the power of your own intuitive intelligence.

These are the building blocks for what will be REVEALED to you as the fog lifts,
moment by moment,
on your life.


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