The Space Between

My son and I love listening to MUSIC in the car, especially in the summer with the sunroof open! He likes to listen to those “music through the decades” channels on satellite radio to learn which year the songs came out.

As we were doing this today, I had a thought that often comes to me when I listen: No matter how you feel about our musical cannon, you still have to marvel at the TRUTH that there are INFINITE POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS and divisions of sound components, with new ones still being created every day.

And layered on top of that are the INFINITE UNIQUE APPROACHES and renderings of each writer, musician, producer, and performer, all of whom are completely UNIQUE INDIVIDUALS bringing something NEW to every performance and recording.

If this is true for the music you hear every day on the radio, then it can be true for EVERYTHING we humans do and create in our lives. And you don’t have to be an artist or a musician to have access to this principle.

Just take a moment to let that sink in.


The SPACE where something NEW is formed begins with a CHOICE. You have the POWER to create ANYTHING out of nothing in every moment in your life, by making a CONSCIOUS CHOICE in the empty space –

The space between thought and action,
The space between impulse and sensation,
The space between nothing and SOMETHING.

This is possible because there are infinite versions of Universal Light in each individual being.

Only YOU can bring the particular combination of SPACE and MATTER that you are – and only your UNIQUE energy signature can create what you are CALLED to create inside that space.

Are you LISTENING for that CALLING within you?

It is there, waiting, in the spaces between.
Between now and later,
Between old pattern and new pattern,
Between waiting and doing,
Between FEAR and ACTION.

I know it is hard to see. I still practice every day to look for the SPACE, and not for the WALL. It must begin with STILLNESS. Because in order to make a new CHOICE, I have to NOTICE what I’m choosing now, habitually, but cannot see because I’ve been on auto-pilot.

If I can do it, you can too. 

Take a few minutes every day to just be STILL and WATCH your thoughts. Take some deep BREATHS and FEEL your body. Don’t ask yourself for any more than this at first. Just begin to LISTEN.

What you will eventually find in that space is the TRUTH of who you are: the only person who can be YOU.

I am 100% the cheerleader for THAT person. Because we need you and your special cosmic MUSIC. I need your #differentdifference as much as you need mine. Together we are part of the SYMPHONY, and we should be out recruiting other beautiful instruments to PLAY their BEST SONGS every day.

If we all lived this way, how would the world look? 
How would it FEEL? 

I want to know what you imagine. Because this is the place I am working to CREATE.

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